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//Call For Presentations

Call For Presentations

Call for Presentations

Location: Stockton Seaview Hotel & Golf Club Galloway Township, NJ

Date: April 18 -20, 2018

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The New Jersey Chapter of APPA (NJAPPA) invites you to participate in our open “Call for Presentations,” for The 12th Annual NJAPPA Spring Conference to be held in Galloway Twp., NJ, on April 18 – 20, 2018. In order to participate, the selected presenter must be registered as a paid conference attendee. By submitting a response to this “Call for Papers” you are agreeing to this requirement.

Theme: “Building Blocks for Success.”

No one ever says that achieving success is easy. When you enter the workforce, you are not given a manual with instructions on how to be a successful employee, or how to lead an organization to a common goal or vision. You learn through education, experiences, peers, training opportunities, and by emulating those around you that you believe to be “successful” in what they do. Whether you are executing a project, managing your staff or evaluating the everyday demands of your campuses and clients, it is imperative that you develop key tactics that focus on a successful outcome.

With the right building blocks, success becomes eminent and achievable. Through our selected professional speakers, team building exercises and peer interactions, it is our goal to offer attendees the tools and strategies that they need to help them create their “success story.”


Attendance at this conference will include approximately 100 educational facilities management professionals and business partners from New Jersey and surrounding areas.

Sessions will be 60-75 minutes in length and should allow adequate time for questions.

Business Partners are encouraged to team up with member institutions for joint presentations.

Presentation Topics

Presentations should incorporate or be related to the theme of The Building Blocks of Success. It is our goal for each presentation to have at least one take-away that attendees can readily apply back at their institution. This is a broad topic. We are looking for you to develop and expound upon your ideas in a clear and articulate manner. Tell us how your presentation idea offers successful strategies for our institutional members. Presentations should also be engaging and interactive. The Professional Development Committee seeks a balanced program built around the following:

  • Innovative Solutions
  • Taking Ideas and Concepts to Action
  • Lessons Learned from Overcoming Challenges
  • Leadership Strategies

Selection Process

Presentations from NJAPPA member institutions and business partners are encouraged. Presentations must be non-proprietary (no sales please). Member institutions and business partners are encouraged to create joint presentations that reflect the partnership and implementation of ideas and/or projects.

The Professional Development Committee will review submissions and selections based on the following:

  • Overall quality
  • Applicable Take-away(s)
  • Timeliness of the topic and how it relates to facilities management
  • Relevance to conference theme
  • Qualifications of presenter(s)
  • Unique and innovative ideas
  • NJAPPA membership

Learning Units and Professional Development Credits

Although attendees typically seek topics of interest to them personally or to their employer; they may also be seeking presentations that provide them with continuing education credits in various disciplines, including but not limited to: architecture (AIA credits), engineering (PDH for PE), sustainability (GBCI or Green Globes) and Code Enforcement (may vary by state or province). Presentation and topics that provide credits in one or more of these categories should be identified.


The FINAL submission date for “Call for Presentations” proposals is Friday, February 9, 2018.

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Topics should incorporate, or be related to, the theme of “Building Blocks for Success.” Click the button below to learn more about our theme, audience and presentation topics. If you have questions regarding this process, please reach out to Joana Dos Santos, Professional Development Chairperson, at or Amy Baker, Business Partner Advisor, at We can’t wait to receive your thoughtful and innovative abstracts.

The NJAPPA Professional Development Committee